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Jiangsu EFFORT machine tool to answer your questions about the advantages of the center screw lathe

Release time:2018-05-29   Number of clicks:268
Jiangsu EFFORT Machine Tool Co., Ltd. produces CNC screw center lathes. The machine tool adopts a center screw, and the large screw drives the large pallets to move more power. The big pallets have a force point in the middle, avoiding the old-fashioned external. The power structure of the lead screw. The bed rail adopts a new type of rolling linear guide, with a smaller friction coefficient and faster response. This type of rolling guide has been widely used in machining centers, and it is by no means like what some people have blindly inferred that they are easily deformed and have insufficient strength. In the simplest sense, the machining center can be used and the accuracy and strength can be guaranteed. Will it not work for a CNC car? At the same time, the advantages of this lathe are its high speed and balanced motion. Its own design is for rapid batch processing of small parts, especially for fast processing of copper fittings such as valve fittings and small pin shaft parts. Of course, if you only use it for roughing or large stock removal, then it is advisable to buy a CJK6136 CNC lathe with gear shifting. Each product has its own advantages, of course, all things can not be comprehensive, there are advantages and disadvantages, I believe you will not ask a sharp scalpel can also be used to cut firewood, in fact, this is the same reason.
    At the same time, Jiangsu EFFORT Machine Tool Co., Ltd. production of CNC screw lathe can be equipped with optional electric knife or row knife structure, electric knife is mainly a tool change programming more convenient, row knife is more suitable for rapid processing of pipe fittings, Familiar with the valve processing technology, the friends can see that it is very easy to use the instrument lathe to insert the hand-milled row cutter into the flat section, cut the inner hole and tap the thread, and some manufacturers use the CNC lathe with the hand-milled row knife. In fact, they did not find that if this lathe is equipped with a collet chuck (pneumatic control) like an instrument lathe, and a compact I-shaped row cutter, if it can use an indexable cutter tool, only one time As long as the knife is changed after the knife, there will be a big increase in production efficiency. Of course, Maxima also needs Bole to identify. Good lathes also need good technology and craftsmanship. As long as they are experts, they can understand it at first glance.