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Fault Diagnosis and Solution in CNC Machine Tools

With more and more extensive application of CNC machine tools, we require that we have a certain degree of control over CNC technology. For some common faults, we can eliminate them in time, but we still find it difficult to solve some problems that do not have alarms.
1. Failure of the NC section
The numerical control system is the brain of the CNC machine tool and has high reliability and low failure rate. However, the numerical control system is affected by the working environment such as humidity, vibration, oil mist, temperature change, and the fluctuation of the power grid can affect the working performance of the electronic device. , so failures often occur.
1.1 Fault Examples
1.1.1 During the running of the SIEMENS 810 system-controlled machine tool, the system is powered off irregularly without any warning. To find out whether the fault is caused by the internal or external circuits of the system, we first removed the influence of the peripheral circuit, that is, provide the system with an independent 24VDC operating voltage, and then shorted the NC-ON to make the system work, but the fault still exists. To this end, it is initially determined that the fault originates within the system Because the fault phenomenon is the power down of the system, we first performed the same type of alternative inspection on the power unit 6VE3055-0BC, and the fault persists. This shows that the failure was caused by other devices, and then later replaced the storage board, CPU motherboard and the axis of the measurement circuit board, but the fault remains, and finally replace the interface bus board 6FC3984-7CD01T after the failure to eliminate (before the replacement work must be To do a good job of data backup, otherwise it may cause data loss.